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How it all works...

Making a positive change has never been this easy


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Pick your products

Pick the products you want to buy; we'll ship these over to you in approx 5 working days. 

Our products are all easily poured directly from their bottle apart from the conditioners. In this instance you can also purchase a pump if needed. We do encourage everyone to keep hold of your pumps and re-use with your next purchase or with other products. Alternatively, all our bottle necks are 28mm so you can re-use any pump you have lying around at home that fits the bottles.


lather up!

Once your receive your new products, sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scents of our all-natural, all-vegan, waste-free products.


Our products are not harmful to the environment after use since they do not contain any harsh chemicals. They are made from only natural ingredients and won't contaminate any water sources.

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Empty Bottle Collection

Send your empties

Once you've finished your products simply place your empty bottles in the box they came with (or in the box containing your new order) and return back to us using the following address: PO Box 75452, LONDON, E14 1UN.

Once received will we re-use these bottles time and time again.

We are also working on expanding our network with stockists around the UK where you can either drop off the bottles or refill them in store. If you would like to stock our products or would like to see LOR in one of your favourite stores drop us a line on!


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